PWS Leadership

Board of Directors

The Produced Water Society elects a board of 9 members annually. The 2018 Board of Directors represent the best of produced water expertise and excellence. Coffee Director, Market Development, Exterran Bansal Engineering Fellow, ConocoPhillips (retired) Bruant Product Director, B3 Insight R. Durand President, XRI Holdings LLC Emeritus Advisor Halldorson Chief Technology Officer, Fountain Quail Energy Services Henthorne Chief Technology Officer,Water Standard Hoagland Director, Jade Dragon Al Khalifa Senior Operations Advisor, Saudi Aramco Pankratz Editor, Water Desalination Report Sharma Staff Process Engineer, ConocoPhillips Walsh Principal Technologist, Worley Westaby Industrial Sales Manager, Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments

Leaders Coffee President Hoagland Vice President Pankratz Vice President Roesch Treasurer and Secretary