How to use this site


Members can sign in using the Login tab found in the menu on the left. 

Once logged in, members should first focus on completing their new PWS member profile. Filling out this profile will improve the community experience by allowing members to search for other members based on name, organization, experience, areas of expertise and more. 

To access your member profile, click on your member image in the upper right-hand area of the homepage. You will see a dropdown menu appear. Click Profile, then Edit. You will then be taken to your personal member profile where you can begin to fill out the profile fields. 

NOTE: Once you complete your profile, be sure to click Save Changes. 


A new feature on the PWS site, Forums provide members with a place to initiate and join in conversations with over 500 water professionals.

To access the Forums, click on the Forums tab in the menu.

Starting a conversation topic is quick and seamless. Under Create a New Topic in General Discussion, enter your topic title and then your topic below. Tags act like keywords for the search function, so be sure to add tags to your discussion so that other members can easily find your topic. 

To make edits to your topic, locate your post and select Edit. You will always be able to make changes to your discussion topics.

NOTE: Remember to click Submit to post your topic.


PWS Groups provide members with meeting places to discuss industry specific topics, areas of interest and more. 

PWS members can join exising groups or start their own. To access Groups, hover over the Forum tab in the menu until the Groups submenu tab appears. Click on the tab to enter.

To create a Group, click Create a Group. Members must follow all the steps in order to establish a group. Once a member creates or joins a group, they will see their group(s) in their PWS member profile. 

NOTE: Should you decide to create a Group, you may be asked if you'd like to create a Forum as well. Only select this option if you would like to open the discussion topic up to the entire member directory.

You may also choose to make the group public, private or hidden. To make the group searchable and open to all members, choose public. Choosing private will require a request for members to join. You must approve or deny members manually. If you select Hidden, the group will not be searchable or seen by Non-Group members.


One of the most exciting features on the new PWS site, the searchable members directory offers hundreds of contacts at the click of a button. 

Members may conduct searches based on keywords and phrases such as name, organization, areas of interest, expertise and even previous experience. 

This directory is based on the information provided by members' profiles. This is why we stress the importance of completing member profile fields. The data provided in those fields powers the members directory search tool. 

To access the members directory, click the Find PWS Members tab in the menu. You may use the search bar to locate members or select members from the list below the search bar.

NOTE: To improve the community experience, please be sure to complete all the fields in your personal member profile.